Where Can I Sell My Art? Do You Know Who Is Mostly Going to Purchase Your Art?

Whether you’re an artist that is just starting their art career or you are an experienced professional artist, when selling art it’s far critical to know, who is most possibly going to shop for your art.

Most artists, once they start promoting their art, do not bear in mind “who” the maximum probable kind of customer is that will purchase the artwork. Often in case you ask artists to describe their perfect patron, the artist will say, “I’m seeking to sell to everybody.”

Trying to sell your art to everybody is a superb method for going broke and right here is why.

How much cash does it take to marketplace and promote artwork to everybody?

How many people are within the United States alone? When you consider the target marketplace of “Everybody” that consists of humans all over the world also.

So, it’s far essential to determine, who’s most possibly going to purchase your artwork, so that you can cognizance on promoting art to those varieties of humans. There are several benefits to doing this.

  1. It price far much less cash to focus on a specific form of consumer, than looking to market to everybody
  2. Then you’ve got a very precise marketplace, that is most possibly going to buy your artwork, it’s miles less complicated to sell artwork to the ones styles of humans
  3. Focusing your efforts on “Who” is maximum probably to buy your art will bring about greater sales
  4. Having more sales, will give you extra cash to reinvest back into your art career
  5. Word commonly travels quicker in niche markets versus larger markets

If you’re just starting your art profession, recognition on the people you know to build your self belief and advantage new clients. But as your artwork profession grows it’s miles going to be greater vital so that it will understand, who’s shopping your artwork.

This may be accomplished by the use of a database to song your clients, their purchases, your advertising and marketing offers, how the customer bought from you, birthdays, occupations, and any other data this is relevant to the purchaser and that will help you when selling artwork.

It was easier to sell a painting that was not for sale

Steve Martin

Once you have got all of this facts, then you could segment your database and in reality begin defining and determining, who your best customers are.

Once you already know who your pleasant customers are, then it’s miles much less difficult to go locate extra people like those top clients.

Normally, there are 5 methods that you may phase a database to determine, who your quality customers are:


This is analyzing your database to determine information inclusive of age, income, occupation, type of household, etc.


This is asking at traits which includes lifestyles, habits, attitudes and beliefs.


This is looking at transaction information, and studying the behaviors of your clients. Data inclusive of when they bought, what art turned into purchased, how regularly the patron purchases.


analyzing in which your customers live. Are they in a specific country, state, city, county, zip code, neighborhood, etc. Think of the statement “Birds of a feather flock together.”


This is looking at culture, subculture, social class, peer companies and how these effect selections and spending activities.

By the usage of a database, that will help you when selling art, it will assist you in reducing advertising expenses, making greater applicable gives to your clients, helping you perceive who your first-rate customers are, and assist you discover extra clients that are just like your quality clients.

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